Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rolo Tomassi, Captains Rest, Glasgow, Wednesday 22nd April 2009

With a last-minute downscale to the tiny basement of the Captains Rest attributable just as much to the presence in town of fellow Sheffield mathrock youngsters 65daysofstatic splitting the crowds as to Rolo Tomassi's arguably over-frequent visits to Glasgow wearing their pulling power thin, confusion and chaos were rearing their heads before the gig even began tonight. Perhaps befitting the added sweaty intimacy afforded by the last-minute change of venue, Rolo Tomassi largely jettison their more proggy aspects this time round in favour of a frenetic show of youthful hardcore exuberance. From the moment they make it on stage, Rolo Tomassi race, with barely a pause, through a breakneck set, all flailing limbs and ungodly screams, their mathy technicalities distilled into ferocious synth-driven spazzcore blasts (political correctness be damned!). With the band's slightly unhinged energy just about matched by that of the party-hungry crowd, it's not long before the P.A. begins to topple, shirts are removed and circle pits, stage-diving and crowd-surfing ensue, on a night that proves just how essential and exciting live music will always be.

Photos of this gig available here.

Rolo Tomassi

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