Friday, March 09, 2007

Matthew Bower, Chris Corsano & Heather Leigh-Murray, Glasgow University Union, Glasgow, Saturday 24th February 2007

Matthew Bower, Chris Corsano, Heather Leigh-Murray... any one of these names alone should be enough to bring a joyful sparkle to the eye of any discerning fan of experimental/underground music. But tonight Glasgow University Union's the Hive was the incongruous venue for the spectacular treat that was their debut live trio performance. Matthew Bower is one of the veterans of the UK musical underground, having released a truly daunting body of elegiac heavy rock, drone and noise, most notably with his Skullflower, Sunroof! and Hototogisu projects, and to see him play with Volcanic Tongue honcho Heather Leigh-Murray and Chris Corsano, one of the world's most exciting and talented free drummers (soon to be heard on the new Björk album), promised to be a truly special experience.

Thankfully, this was a dream line-up that more than lived up to even the most hyperbolic expectations. When the visceral raw energy of Matthew Bower's monolithic walls of feedback and guitar distortion, Chris Corsano's kit-destroying thunderous stabs of percussion and Heather Leigh-Murray's primal howls and ravaged pedal-steel reached their awesome peak it was as if the world was collapsing around your head. Ear splitting, brain melting and emotionally draining, this was a night not to be forgotten.

Photos of this gig available here.