Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hermann Nitsch, Instal 2009, Glasgow University Chapel, Friday 20th March 2009

Long sustained tones, blocks of wood across the keys, tones and overtones, elegiac, long, slow, gradual, a bass note and overtones that sound then fade, add, subtract, harmonies, disharmonies, discordant notes, slow waves, foghorns sounding on a misty sea, the imagined sounds of space, the cosmic drone, layers build, rise and fall, reverberating, hearing pulses, nothing pure, sound of radiation, "if the stars had a sound it would sound like this", fades to a single beautiful mournful note then just as the bells chime quarter to (eleven) in the distance a low basso profundo solid tone with higher layers on top, like the air slowly reverberating, the background hum of the universe.

Photos of Instal 2009 and this performance available here.

Hermann Nitsch

Instal 2009

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